Google Flights ™ | Complete Guide to Book Cheap Flights

There are not many websites on the internet which can search for cheap flight tickets as fast as Google Flights. No ads are appearing on the screen, offering you the best deals. No demand for your email to provide you with tips from time to time. You came to what you are looking for. Cheap flight tickets for your travel. However there are many things in Google flights which are not popular as similar to searching for cheap flights tickets. So, this is why in this blog we wanted to explore more of it.



Google Flights

How to search for multiple airports in Google Flights

We will begin with the basic Features of Google Flights.  Do you know you can enter up to seven cities in the departure and arrival option? This approach creates a broad spectrum for searching cheap flight tickets for your destination.  Let’s say you are traveling to United kingdom, but you do not know at which airport, the flight tickets are going to be chape.  Here’s the simple thing to do. On the flight’s page, in the arrival box, start adding the name of the various airports. You can do it by clicking on the plus sign.

There are multiple airports in the UK which are international. There is Heathrow Airport, Belfast airport, Leeds Bradford airport, and Gatwick airport. You can add all of them in one go. This feature gives you the ability to find the prices on all these airports in one click. The similarity to this,  you can add seven places from departure to arrival. So next time you are looking for cheap tickets for entire country, add seven of their international airport.

Which date is exactly cheaper to fly

Google Flights has now given you the results after you have searched for a flight. It may be for one destination or multiple destinations as we have discussed earlier. However, which date is exactly is cheaper? This is an essential question because according to some research booking flights on weekends is expensive rather than booking on weekdays. So how do you check it without putting the details every time? So, to check it, Calendars is the option you need to use. There you can see the date every day to find cheap flight tickets.

The Magic of Date Grid

There is another way to find those cheap flight tickets every day. When you are looking at the airlines, you can see the option of date grid in the option. When you click on it, there will be a box. In the box, you will see the prices of those flight ticket for every day. Using it, you can exactly decide when to book for those cheap flights tickets.

The Importance of price graph

After the date grid, now we will see the Price Graph. It is the second most important feature in Google Flights. Click on the option “Price Graph” to see the price trend. First choose the number of dates. After it, you will see the airfare bars. It tells you if the cost of a flight is low or high. The entire month is shown here. As you increase the number of days or decrease it, the airfare will change.

Nearby Airport

Many times, it happens, the price of a flight shown for international airport could be lower if you choose a smaller airport. This is what happens in this feature.  If there any airports near the chosen airport for your travel Google flights will suggest it with the Cost. So, if you want to pick it, you can do it. It works for both airports.  Origin and destination airports.

Track Prices

Here comes another unique feature to buy those cheap flight tickets. You can track prices for a particular flight if you are sure the price will drop. However, we must tell you; it works better if you are tracking expenses at least two-three before booking. The rates will drop or go high; you can observe it and then book them at the right time. You need to have a Gmail account if you want to receive regular updates about it. To activate it, on the page where you see all airlines, drag right the option ‘ Track prices.’ Now it gets activated.

Exploring the Unknown Destinations

Until now we have talked about finding cheap flight tickets for known destinations. However there is a way in Google Flights through which you can find low fare flight tickets for Unknown Destination. Neither the dates, not the location will be in your control. However, if you want to go on holiday, then it is a great feature to use.

Now to do it, you have to go to the flight page. There you will see the map. You have to click on it.  Then another page will appear with the suggested places. However enter the departure destination for getting the cheapest flight destination in the next six months.

How to Book with Google Flights

Here how to book the flights. When you have chosen airlines, click on it. You need to click on the airlines two times. One time for the departure flight, then other for arrival flight. Then on the last page, Google flights will redirect you the booking website.  There follow the instruction, and your tickets will get booked.

How to see the history of your planning trips

Planning for multiple cities is a hectic process. It would help if you looked for various flight, hotel, and transportation. Do you know Google Flights has one option to Do it all for you? What we mean It saves all your details for the trip. You can access it from Menu, clicking on ‘Trips”. It saves up to 12 destinations for you.

So you can stop the search at any time than picking it up from where you left it.  You can access the four options ‘Hotels’, ‘Flights,’ ‘Explore’ and ‘Packages.’ You don’t need to make notes to keep yourself update about the planning.

How to find a cheap hotel with Google Flights

There is a way to find a cheap hotel ticket on Google flight similar to finding cheap flights tickets.To do it, Go to the hotel page, enter the location, dates and the number of guests. Now when you see all the result, you will see the option “ More Filters.” In the option, you will see “ Just deals.” Click on it. You will see hotel deals.

So, this was our mini-guide on Google flights. However as every tool has its advantages and disadvantages, Google flights have some drawbacks as well. We have observed, it shows cheap flight prices from big third party brands, not from the small ones — another thing we have seen it does not find many mistakes fares. If your favorite airlines are Southwest airlines, then you need to check their prices for a route by going to their website.

Google flights do not show their airfares on the search results. So, these are some of the disadvantages. However it is still one of the best flight search engines for finding cheap flight tickets on the internet. Hope you will use the feature to those cheap flights tickets.


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