Features of Google Flights to get Cheap Flight tickets

What are features of google flights?
What are features of google flights?

In this blog you will learn about the features of Google Flights and how to book cheap flights with the use of these features. When today, the airline’s prices change hourly, it’s essential to know about finding cheap flight tickets tools. This is why Google Flights is one of the best search flight websites on the internet to look for cheap flights.

What are the Features of Google Flights?

We are going to tell you about the four elements in it, which will help you get a low price for any destination. Now, let’s get started

The first feature you should use. The price graph shows the prices depending upon the number of days you have chosen. For example, the price will vary four days holiday from five days’ holiday. The second thing is, you will notice the bar. You will see the higher rate will have a more top bar. The flight prices are shown from the chosen dates to the upcoming two months. But how it does help you. Well, as you can see the price, you can change the number of days to see how the cost is improving. The price trend will help you to determine when you should travel to a particular destination. Read more about Price Graph here.

Track the prices

Now, this is the second feature that can help you get low rates. The first is tracking prices feature. When you are looking for flights, you will see on the left upper side of the screen. You need to enable it to get the latest updates for your chosen destinations. However, you will receive updates only when there is a change in the prices. Otherwise, there will be no alerts. One more thing, a Google account is necessary to receive the latest price alerts.

Nearby Airports

So, in this feature, Google Flight has added a new features which has been showing lately. It’s only been a few days since it has been implemented. With this update, you will now receive an update regarding low prices. If by Adjusting your dates by one or two days can lower the airfare, then there will be an alert for you, which is useful if you are finding ways to save money. Another update is regarding the updates. If there are multiple airports in a city, and by switching to another airport can save your money, then you will receive an update as well. We are sure you will like it when you are searching for cheap flight deals.

Date Grid

Now this is the last feature about which we will talk about. When you are on the search page, you will see this option. Once you click on it, you will see a suggestion for dates at low prices. You can adjust the dates as well if you see low prices. This is useful when your travel dates are flexible, ready to be changed.
So, these are some of the Features of Google Flights for finding cheap flights. We are confident you will use them to save your hard-earned money. You can also learn more about Filters in Google Flights

So, these are the four features of Google Flights you can use for finding cheap flight deals. We are sure you will love these features. If you want any more info regarding Google Flights, do contact us.

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