Have you tried booking Hotels via Google Flights

Tried Booking Hotels via Google Flights : Whenever we want to book flights, there is a possibility we want to book a hotel as well. While there are many tools for finding cheap flights, but finding a good hotel is quite a hard task. However, if you are Google Flights, then you should know, you can search and book a hotel as well. But not many people do it because there are so many options, a user gets confused tried booking Hotels via Google Flights. This is the reason why we wanted to create a guide for those people who are looking to book a hotel. We will begin with the necessary options then move onto the advanced option. Now, let’s get started to know about the best ways to book a hotel.

Have you tried booking Hotels via Google Flights

How to Get to the Hotel Booking Page

This is the first we need to do. First, you need to visit Google Flight’s official website. When you are on it, from the menu, choose the hotel. It is a fundamental hotel search engine to begin. There is a bar of search destinations, dates, and last, the number of guests you want to book for. Now, to better understand, we need to example. So, here we are going to search for Hotels in Las Vegas( The Sin city). We should clarify, we are only taking it as an example with tried booking Hotels via Google Flights. When someone from the world tries to book, everything like the price, the hotel will be different.  The destination is Las Vegas, Dates are from 20th December to 25th December and the number of Guests is two.tried booking Hotels via Google Flights

The Search Option In Hotel Booking | tried booking Hotels via Google Flights

First, we will explain the options in the hotel search. This is the first part of our hotel searching. First, there is the price bar, which you can adjust as per your wish. Then there are Hotels and Vacation rentals. In hotels, you get to book a regular hotel while in vacation rentals, you get to book villas and BHKs for few days. In guest rating, you can choose a hotel based on their score. There are five, four, three, two, one and zero stars. Usually, Google Flights provides often four stars and a three-star hotel. If you are looking for any specific service, then see it in the Amenities. Some of the services you can choose are the Bar, Pet-friendly, pool or restaurant. Some of the travelers do need specific,and some do not.tried booking Hotels via Google Flights

For las Vegas, we can see Hilton Grand hotel, Hampton Inn, Treasure Island or Sahara las Vegas hotels. There is sort by the option, which has three options. Those are the Best match, Lowest price and higher rating. If money is not an issue in your case, then the best match is an ideal option. If you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel, then choose a cost from the price bar.

At last, there are two more options.  They are  Brands and More Filters. If you want to stay in a specific brand like Choice Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott Bonvoy or Best Western international, choose it from Brands option.  Now, in More filters, there are two sub-options.  They are a hotel class and Deals. If you want to stay only in two-star hotels or three hotels, select the class and search them from here. If you are looking for hotel deals, then choose the deals option.

Now, if we choose deals in Las Vegas, we get only one option with our arranged date. It is Super 8 by Wyndham with $37. Tried booking Hotels via Google Flights

There are three more options in it which have been introduced recently.  Those options are Where to stayWhen to visit and what you will pay. In where to stay, it will tell about top areas in a city to book the hotel. It is one of the best ways to book a hotel. For lasvegas, the areas are las Vegas strip and downtown lasvegas. There are more; we are giving you only an example.  When to visit, you get to know about two things. When you should visit a destination depending upon the weather. Then after the weather, what is the best time to visit a place. For example, December is the cheapest according to Google Flights, but January seems too expensive. Then in February, again, it’s very cheap built in March its gets costly.

If you want to know about how much you are going to pay for a hotel which has two or three stars. Then see ‘what you’’ play’ option; in it, you will see an average price for a star hotel, whether it is a two-star or five stars.  It will also affect the number of hotels available based on their star.

So, this is how you search for hotels on Google Flights. It indeed one of the best ways to book a hotel.