How to plan a Mini trip with Google Flights?

Christmas is due to short in time. So, before you take a long trip, you need to have a mini trip. If you are interested in making a break, then read the blog. We are going to help you with Google Flights. However, first, you must be curious to know about ‘Mini trip.’  So, a mini trip or vacation lasts three days.  The crucial things in this vacation are to rest, let your soul, mind, and body be stressed free.  When you are planning a mini trip, there are three things to consider. Where will you go? How will you reach there? Moreover, where you will stay?

How to plan a Mini trip with Google Flights

Mini Trip in any destination

So, where are you planning to go? There must be hundreds of destinations you are thinking now. We bet. However, which goal could give your surprise to you. To get a fantastic place, Google Flights can help you out.  To Explore destinations, Follow this step. Go to the site; there enter the departure destination.

After that, click on the map. See, it’s simple. You will see many exotic destinations for the next six months. To choose a specific month, Go to the dates. There select the month & click on done.  After these options, if you are still thinking about getting a low price, then you can use those four features. Those four features are ‘Track prices,’ ‘Date Grid,’ ‘Price graph’ and ‘Tips.’ Every one of them is unique to help in finding a destination with low prices.

Trust us; you will get great deals on various dates with exotic places.

Choosing your Route

When you are planning a holiday which has only three days, you need to work on traveling hours. If it is taking more than six hours, then you should not choose a location. You do not have to think only about the flying hours but count the time of getting the airports, boarding the plane as well. So, when you are planning a mini trip, think about all of these things.

Where will you stay for this trip?

In this matter, again, you can take the help of Google Flights. It is going to show you great deals on Hotels. Choose the lowest price with optimal services. If you can use any rewards to lower the cost, do not hesitate to do it.   However, there is another way of finding cheap hotels in a location. When you are searching for the hotels, there is an option to get deals on it. You can use it if you want.  Click on the more filters, there you will see the option of “Just deals.” Click on it, then on Apply. Now, you will see the hotels that are providing deals. You can visit to book hotels.


So, these were some of the tips you can follow when you are planning a micro trip — considering these things before your next trip. Before you go anywhere, make sure to do proper research about the things you can do, what attraction you can visit.