How to use Google Flights for finding an unknown destination?

Having a holiday does not always come cheap. Choosing from a list of unknown destination to planning and booking. A significant chunk of your money gets spent on booking flight tickets. However, there is one tool that can help you in saving money. Google Flights is one such tool to help you in doing it. However, here, what we are going to explain comes with some restrictions as well. We will tell you about it too. For now, let’s focus on it first.

How to use Google Flights for finding an unknown destination

Steps for finding the unknown Destination

The first thing you need to do is to go on to the official website of Google Flights. You can either visit the website directly or search it on the search engine. Now, when you are on the main page, you will see the flight search page. There, the first thing you need to do is to enter the name of the departure city. It means where you will take your flight. Now, do not edit the dates or arrival destination. Click on the search.

Now, the website will begin with you showing the various unknown destination. However, they are not cheap destinations. To get an affordable destination, we need to apply one more trick for it. Go to the dates on the screen.  You will see it at the top of the screen. Now, when you click on it, then You will see an option of Flexible dates. Now choose it.

You can choose the month and the duration of your holiday. Now, click on done.  The unknown destination will get updates again. These are the cheapest places now. Where you want to go is your choice. Learn more about features of Google Flights like 

What are the restrictions?

Remember, we told you it came with certain restrictions. The first thing is you can not decide on your destination nor the dates. What Google Flights is showing you, you have to choose from it. These are the primary restrictions. Then you won’t be able to choose a particular airline.

How to book the tickets

Now, click on the destination. On the next page, you will see the option view flights. On the page, you will see the dates, airline name, and cost as well.  Choose it. You will land on the flight page again. From there, choose the airlines, then select the tickets. Now, Google Flights will redirect you to the airline’s website to finally book the tickets.

So, this is the way to search for an unknown place and then book the tickets. However, there are some other features as well, which you can use. We will tell you about it so that you can use the website in a much better way.

Trips – 

This is the first option in Google flights, where you can see the history of Your searched trips. When you are planning for a trip, you are looking for various places; You can not keep the tracking. However, here, you can see a total of 12 potential flights. It gets created when you search about them. When you click any of it, It will show you every detail related to it: flight details, Hotel booking, and dates. So, you can pick the searching from where you had left.

Hotels – 

The second option is the hotels. You can search for a hotel and book them. Enter the name of the location, date, and number of Guests. There are various filters; you can use to find yourself an ideal hotel.

Explore – 

When you are not having information about a city, you can search about it here in the explore option. It will suggest to you what the famous attraction in the town is. If you are having only a day, you get suggestions for it as well.

Packages – 

You can search for whole packages here. It includes flights price and hotel stay.