What are the filters in Google Flights?

What are google flights filters

Booking flights on Google Flights is one of the most natural things to do. You go to the flight page, there you out your dates, the departure and arrival dates. Then it begins to show you the list of airlines to book the tickets. However, as you start the booking process, you need to understand many factors involved in it. To weigh in those factors we can use filters. There are various filters provide which can be really useful for us. This is why here in this blog, we are going to explain to them one by one for you. Before we get started, If you are planning to visit California check our blog on Tourist attractions in California

There are seven filters in Google Flights

google flights
  1. Bags
  2. Stops
  3. Airlines
  4. Price
  5. Times
  6. Connecting airports
  7. More

Now let’s discuss each of them one by one. 

Bags –

Bags plays a vital role in deciding the price of a ticket. To choose the number of bags, you first need to add the number of passengers. For one passenger, there is only one option of adding one carry-on bag. As you increase the number of passengers, the add on the number in bags will increase as well.

Stops –

Let’s say you have four kings of options here. Any number of stops which is default set. Then you have the option to choose Nonstop only, one-stop or fewer and two stops or fewer. It’s you to select the king of the flight you want. Some travelers deliberately choose an overnight layover to the option of visiting a city free of cost. So when you choose from one of these, Google Flights will update the list of airlines according to your choices. However we have observed, Non-Stop flights are the cheapest flight for any route. However, there can be exceptions.

Airlines –

This option is for those travelers who want to fly out in a specific airline. When you click on it, it will show you the list of all the airlines which are funded for your route.

Price – 

The essential filter, by default set at any price. However, you can drag it to the left choose an amount you want. Again the list of flights will be refreshed according to the airfare you will set.

Times – 

Everyone of us wants to travel at a specific time. Like in the morning, or the evening. This filter gives you the option to do it. You can choose a particular time to fly out. It works for origin and arrival airports.

Connecting Airports –

When there is a layover, there are many cities considered by the airline’s companies. Here you will find the name of every city. There is an option to choose the time frame as well. Whether you want a layover of two hours or twenty-four hours, it’s up to you.

More – 

Here you will see two more options in this filter. There is an option to choose Flight duration as per your wish. Then whether you want to buy the separate or all tickets at once.
So, these are the filters in Google Flights

Hope this guide on Google Flights filters answers most of the queries on how to use filters in Google Flights. If you need more info, check out Google support pages