What is Date Grid in Google Flights?

Date grid is one  of the features in Google Flights, which comprises of four feathers. As you know, Google Flights is a tool to find cheap tickets online. Now, the date grid can help precisely for it. So, how do you use it? Well, Let’s say you are searching for flight tickets between two destinations. You must have already entered the places and dates. Now, you are looking at the prices, but you are not able to decide whether the price is high or low. So, when you are confused, you can take the help of date Grid.

What is Date Grid in Google Flights

How does Date grid work?

Now, when you click on it, you are going to see the box. There are three more options in it, but for now, let’s focus on the date grid. You will see the one-week flight prices in horizontal and vertical. It’s like choosing one date and comparing the prices with all of the dates. Choose a price on the horizontal side, then in vertical, see the prices with various dates. This solves our one major issue. You do not need to change the dates again and again to compare them. This is the reason why Google Flights are one of the most accessible tools to use for finding cheap flights.


When you see the prices, there will be two colors. One is for low prices, which is green. Another is red which is expensive. The rest are standard colors for average rates. There are two options, departure and return. You can scroll to check the prices in real-time.

Let's explain with an example

How about seeing a real example of it? Now, what we are going to take for a case is only an example. Since the prices change frequently, we cannot say the price will be the same.  So, for instance, we will search for a flight between Los Angeles and New York. The dates are going to be between 8 December and 12 December. Click on search, now we see the airlines names and prices.


So, to compare the price between various dates, we click on the date grid — one little thing. For our trip, we are willing to adjust the dates if we will get cheap airfare.  The average price we are seeing is between $280 and $264. However, as we see, if we decide to fly out the next day, meaning on 13Dec, the price would be reduced to $257.  But one major change. If we choose to depart one day earlier on 7 December and then fly outback on 11 Dec., we can save almost $50. You may think this is not huge, but when you focus on saving money, you decide to save every penny. The price would be reduced to $203. You can use Google flights to book tickets and fly to Unknown Destination worldwide.


When you scroll for one day in horizontal or vertical, you do not see the prices as lower as $203. So, if you are traveling somewhere and if you can adjust the dates, then This is the best deal you can get. If you need more info about Google Flights, visit here.

So, this was the Date grid. We are sure about your next flight booking; it will help you.