What is Price Graph in Google Flights?

In Today’s blog, we are going to talk about another feature of Google Flights, which you can use to see the predicted price trend. However, before we talk about anything, the natural question which could be asked by any other user is this? Why use this feature. Well in simple terms, by using this feature, you can understand the price trend for your destination. When the price goes up when they go down, everything could be understood in this feature. The thing is when someone gets confused with the price. They can see in simple terms here. As simple as it can get.

What is Price Graph in Google Flights

Do you want to see the flight prices in the past? Can it help you to get a perfect deal? Yes, it definitely can. This feature is going to tell you about the trend. The trend of lower prices and higher prices in a month. In some months, you will see the prices are higher at the beginning of the month. Find the trend, book the tickets at the right date to find yourself a perfect deal from Google Flights.

Price Graph in Google Flights with an Example

Now, we have talked about it. Let’s see about it with a real case scenario. We are going to tell take the example of a flight trip. Before we do anything, you should know, this is only for an example. To understand the features in a better way.

We will travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The dates are going to be between 9 Dec and 13 Dec. We go to the Google Flights website. There enter the destinations and arrivals. Then enter the dates. We click on the search.

The real game begins now. We see various airlines with low prices. The cheapest price, which we can see is around $57. When the price is already this low, there is no need to check something else. However, for the sake of this blog, we will look at the price graph feature. One thing we are assuming here, the travelers are flexible with the flying dates. As we click on the price graph, we see for the four days; The bar is showing already the lowest price. Since the bar is fixed is for four days, the prices seem to be increasing only. But what if we change the dates from four days trip to three days.

What more to know?

You click on the minus sign to do it. Again the bar tells you this is the lowest price for a three-day trip. How about setting it a five-day trip. What will happen then? Yet the rates are lowest only for this day. However, the departure date has been changed from 9th December to 8 December. Check out more about filters in Google Flights.

So, we can now see the price trend. The cost is only low near the dates we have chosen. You can how useful it was to determine the travel dates. This is why people love Google Flights. It has the best tool on the internet to search for cheap flights. For more details visit here.