What are the best features in Google Flights to use?

For finding cheap flight deals, there are very few websites on the internet. One of those reliable websites is Google flights because it has best features.  It is easy to use, navigate, and get the flight tickets you are looking for. However, when you are booking the tickets, you do not know how to get the cheapest deals. In this blog, we will tell you about some of the most common questions related to Google Flights and their answers. They will be helpful to you when you try to look for low-cost flight tickets next time. Now, let’s get started.

What are the best features in Google Flights to use
What are the best features in Google Flights to use

How do I Find the Cheapest Flights on Google Flights?

This is the first and often asked question on how to find the cheapest deals possible. It is easy as well. There are no hidden tricks here. You simply use given tools in the right way to get those tickets.  The first step is to Go to Google Flight’s official website. On the site, you are going to see a Flight search bar. Enter the name of departure city and arrival city. Enter the dates. Now, click on the search. 


You will not see the list of flights and their price. The first action you need to do is select the price option in Sort by. There are other options like Best flights, Departure time, arrival time and Duration. However, we will choose the price since we are looking for cheap flight deals. 


The other option you can do is look for the prices on the calendar. The prices changes as you change the dates. One other thing is to compare the prices from another website. By doing these, you will know if, on Google Flights, the cost is cheap. We will tell you about the best features in Google flights to Use.

Can you book flights on Google Flights?

Now, the question comes to mind if you can book via Google Flights. Well, the straight answer is no. The thing is other travel booking sites book the flights on the platform. But when You search for it on Google Flights, on the last page, they redirect you on either airline website or to a third-party website. So, now, you know.  Only searching for flights is possible; to book, you need to go to another site. This is one of the reasons why a user sees those cheap flight prices.

Do Google Flight prices include taxes?

You are done with searches; Now you want to book the tickets. A question comes to your mind if the price shown here includes Tax. Yes, the flight prices you see do include the taxes, as well. Again the reason for it is the same as stated above. It only shows you the estimate, to book, you will get redirected.

Now, we are going to tell you some tips to follow to increase the chances of getting cheap deals on Google Flights. We will talk about some features as well.

Use the Private Mode in your Browser

Whether you are searching on Your Laptop or mobile, you must have observed this phenomenon. Once you begin searching, after every time you search for a flight price, maybe the price will increase, it happens many times, this is why we are telling you about this. There is a feature called Cookies for it. We won’t go into the technical details of it. So, the best way to make sure you are getting the cheap tickets is to use private or incognito mode. Whether you are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Mini, every one of them has a unique way you can use. Next time you are looking for flight tickets, you can use it. Visit Google Flights site.

Best Features of Google Flights

There are four features in Google Flights, which can help you immensely in identifying a low flight deal. Those features are Track, price, Date Grid, Price graph, and Nearby Airports.  Now we are going to explain one by one and how they can help you in getting the deal.

The first is tracking price. It is easy to explain.  You can enable it to track the expenses. You can see the option when you are looking for flights.  When you allow it, Every time there is a change in the price, you will get a message on your email address.  The second feature is the Date Grid. Upon clicking on it, you will see the dates as per the date.

You can move it to see which departure and arrival would be cheaper. The third feature is the Price Graph. This feature shows you the price trends for specific chosen days. For example, the price for a four day trip would be different from a five-day mini trip. You can use it to see how the price will get affected if you change the number of dates. We are sure we have told you about best features in Google Flights to use.

The last is nearby flights. If there are more than two airports, you can see the price here.