What are the Options in Google Flights?

Whenever we use Google Flights, we go to the Flights page, then search the flight, see the price. If we found the prices reasonable, we booked the trip. However, did you know that there are other options in it which you can help you in immense planning? Other than flight, there are four different essential options in it. They are Trips, Explore, Hotels and Tracked Flight price. In today’s blog, we are going to take trips. The details of it. How it can help you, what are the sub-options in it? Let us now begin.

What are the options in Google Flights

The ‘Trips’ Options in Google Flights

Now, the first thing is how to access it. When you visit the page, you can see the option the left of the page. When you click on it, you are going to see many trips. They are named as the potential trips. These are based on the previous searched you have done on Google Flights. If you have not researched anything before, then there will be nothing on it. But what are the things in possible things, let’s explore even further.   Let’s say you had searched about a place; then it appears here. You click on the continued planning. Now, again, a new window will be open. If you had booked a reservation, then it will be shown here. It will only happen if you had booked your flight via Google Flights.


Now, after it, the research you have done about the destination will appear. If you have saved things to do active, it will appear here. Or ff you have been searching for any flight between two destinations, it will look here. Also, if you had enabled tracking flight prices, it may or may not appear here, depending upon the destinations. But in most cases, it does appear.  If you want to know more about the place, then you can read travel articles given below. After it, an option comes to return to your trips anytime. 


So, this was the trip option in Google Flights we have explained. We are sure, when next time you are planning a trip, you will use it. There are multiple Features of Google Flights that you should be aware of, check 

The Explore option

The second option is explored. Which you can check out. There are two things on the page. First is a bar where you can enter the name of the city. Then there is a section for exploring the city. Where you will see the popular name of the cities to travel.  However, we are going to focus on the Bar. Enter the name of any city about which you want to know. Here we are going to take the example of Los Angele. Now, we begin by entering the name of the city in the search bar.  When you are putting the name, When the page gets open, there are primarily three options it.

They are travel guides, Day plans and Plan a trip. there will be a lot of options appear on it.  ON the next page, you will see a short history of Los Angeles. Then what things to do.  It shows various kinds of activities and attractions which are based on traveller visits and Local Insights.  The second tab is about suggesting day plans to check out. For example, if you are having only a day in the city to visit, or if you have seventy-two hours to visit it.  Again, an option will appear for Planning a trip. Read more about Google Flights on Wikipedia for in-depth info.

Then when to visit option comes. It tells you what the best time to visit a destination since every destination has a peak season and lower seasons is. Accordingly, plan a Mini Trip for this weekend with your family and friends. 

So, this was a blog on Google Flights about Trips and explored. In the next blog, we will explore more about it.